Discreet Packaging

We believe in protecting your privacy, so we always package your items discreetly. Packages are plain or USPS provided packages, with a USPS address label, and no visible indication of what's inside. The label does not contain the words "asia idol" or any such content indicators. Return address will be from "A.I. Media, Inc." and a personal name. International shipments will simply have "DVD" indicated as its contents, and designated as a "gift" on the customs form. Value will be designated around $6 USD or less in most cases.

cased dvds in plain shipping box

 About Packaging Options

When purchasing from us, you will see options on the product pages for "full dvd package" and a more discreet "dvd disc only" option.


Full DVD Packaging: This is the sealed DVD in its case with cover art. DVD(s) is wrapped in bubble-wrap or other types of cushioning for protection during transit.

full dvd package


DVD Disc Only: This is a smaller, more discreet option where the DVD disc is placed in a sleeve for you without its case or cover art. It is placed between rigid pieces of cardboard and bubble-wrap to protect the disc(s) during transit.

dvd disc only packaging

 We take great care to package your items securely, but if they do become damaged we take full responsibility and will replace the item(s) or refund you the cost.